• Asset Tags
  • Personnel Badges
  • Embedded Sensors
  • Wireless Infrastructure


A true end-to-end platform when using AiRISTA Flow’s hardware solutions together with the Unified Vision Solution (UVS) software platform.

The AiRISTA Flow Hardware Suite


AiRISTA Flow offers a complete suite of Real-Time Location System hardware that operate over standards-based Wi-Fi and BLE wireless networks

  • Firmware level control of asset tags, personnel tags and temperature tags
  • No use case is too creative or complex when combined with the AiRISTA Flow Unified Vision Solution (UVS) software platform.
  • Easy to operate, configure, and maintain
  • Real-time insights for complete visibility to asset tracking, personnel safety, condition monitoring, and more.

Explore Our Hardware Solutions



The Square BLE Asset tag is a small form factor BLE tag. With breakthroughs in cost, longevity, and distance, this tag opens exciting use cases across multiple industries. The low price point means thousands of assets are now easy and practical to track. Based on the latest processor technology, the device supports BLE versions 4.1, 4.2, and 5.0.


The Rugged Asset tag is ideally suited for tracking assets in harsh or outdoor environments using your existing Wi-Fi network. The Rugged Asset provides location intelligence as part of AiRISTA Flow’s end-to-end RTLS platform. Wi-Fi and BLE are standard with an option for GPS functionality.


The 1-Button Asset tag is designed to monitor assets within a Wi-Fi or BLE network environment. It offers multiple options to generate alerts on environmental and condition sensing. With a small yet rugged water-resistant form factor, the 1-Button Asset tag can be affixed to virtually any piece of equipment or fixture indoors or outdoors for enterprise-wide tracking.


The 2-Button Asset tag is an active location tracking tag operating over standards-based, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi or BLE networks. In conjunction with the AiRISTA Flow UVS software, the tag enables location tracking of virtually any asset or object. This tag operates on standard networks and does not require any extra infrastructure beyond your enterprise Wi-Fi or BLE network.



The BLE Personnel tag is a small form factor BLE tag used to track personnel with improvements in cost, longevity, and distance. The tag is also a BLE receiver and scans for neighboring beacons, facilitating use cases that associate people to things. Includes an accelerometer for improved response.


The wearable Advanced Wrist Personnel tag features vibration-based alerting and two colored LEDs that signal events to the tag wearer. Users can request help or acknowledge calls conveniently on a comfortable, rechargeable, water-resistant tag designed to be worn like a watch. A detachable wristband allows for fast cleaning and a top barcode enables simple ID scanning.


The Advanced Display Personnel tag provides accurate location for tracking people within your enterprise using an existing BLE or Wi-Fi network. These badges are similar in size and shape to typical ID badges to fit easily on a lanyard with other credential cards or on a belt clip. The badge incorporates a self-illuminating OLED (organic LED) display for sending alerts and receiving text messages.



AiRISTA Flow’s 1-Button temperature Sensor with Probe is designed for monitoring and logging high temperature and ultra low temperatures. It offers multiple sensors which can be utilized for humidity, different asset types, or temperature ranges. Utilizing advanced wireless network and sensor technologies, AiRISTA Flow offers innovative, robust, and cost-effective environmental condition monitoring solutions.


Designed for monitoring and logging the temperature of assets, the 1-Button Temperature tag features sensors that can be utilized for temperature, humidity, and related factors for different asset types. It’s innovative, robust, and cost-effective for environmental condition monitoring. Through existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, this tag can transmit environmental condition data in real time for the storing, processing, and alerting of abnormal conditions by via email, SMS, or pre-recorded voice message alerts. The optional probe extends temperature collection to specific areas adjacent to the tag.


The BLE Temp & Humidity tag is a small form factor BLE tag. This tag offers many use cases across industries with features that offer greater longevity and improved distance capability. A low price point makes it easy and practical to track thousands of assets. Based on the latest processor technology, the device supports BLE versions 4.1, 4.2, and 5.0. As a wearable tag, it complements hand hygiene and personnel safety programs.



AiRISTA Flow’s Proximity Sensor Units (PSU) are designed to listen for Blue Tooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and transmit the observed beacons data to the AiRISTA Flow UVS server for proximity detection. Power is provided over Ethernet (PoE) and provides sired communication to the AiRISTA Flow UVS server. PSUs are ideal for proximity sensing (choke point) applications where real-time detection of BLE tags and/or beaconing devices is required.


The AiRISTA Flow LB2 refines the location accuracy to levels previously only available with expensive, proprietary systems that require wiring new infrastructure. For the typical hospital environment, the beacons provide highly reliable room- and bed-level accuracy in any areas with Wi-Fi coverage, without the need to install additional Wi-Fi access points or other wired infrastructure.


AiRISTA Flow’s Reference Beacon Units (RBU) are designed to wirelessly provide location reference data to AiRISTA Flow’s family of active RFID and RTLS tags. The RBU transmits Wi-Fi or BLE beacons along with its own unique ID. Any AiRISTA Flow active tag equipped with the reference signal receiver in range of the wireless signal can detect and interpret the received data and transmit the information to AiRISTA Flow’s UVS software for location determination.


The Locator Beacon unit is designed to provide location reference data to AiRISTA Flow’s family of active RFID tags. This location beacon transmits its unique ID as a Wi-Fi or BLE beacon. Any AiRISTA Flow active tag equipped with the reference signal receiver in range of the wireless signal can detect and interpret the received data and transmit the information to AiRISTA Flow’s UVS platform for location determination. AiRISTA Flow Location Beacon Units are available in wall-plug or battery versions.


AiRISTA Flow’s suite of Wi-Fi, BLE, and RFID hardware products, from equipment tracking devices to employee safety solutions, provide end-to-end visibility to the location and condition of people and assets at work. At the heart of our solutions is a software platform that ties all information to your processes to help you make better business decisions. Unlike RTLS solutions that operate as islands, the UVS platform combines data from company-wide assets offering insight across the delivery chain. Its rich workflow engine has the flexibility to model virtually any business process. UVS has proven to be the enterprise RTLS platform that breaks down traditional silos of asset visibility to create a unified view across the enterprise.