Unified Vision Solution

A Real Time Location Services (RTLS) Platform

Delivered On-prem or From The Cloud


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Visibility into the Location & Condition of Your Most Important Resources at Work

sofia Interface

Simplifies The User Experience


The sofia interface simplifies the UI to create an intuitive experience.

Modules are complete with dashboards, mapping tools, reports, etc.

Simple to deploy, simple to use, each module helps you derive value quickly. Explore sofia


  • Track & Trace
  • Find Nearest Item Now
  • Equipment Utilization
  • Asset Efficiency
  • Ensure Process Workflow


  • Alert To Distress
  • Coordinated Response
  • 2-Way Communicating Tag
  • Wi-Fi / BLE Redundancy
  • Man-down


  • Location Based Milestones
  • Time Stamped Events
  • Direct People & Equipment
  • Menu Driven Route Manager

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Patient Flow

Industrial Workflow

Nurse Rounding




  • Temperature Recording
  • Excursion Alerts
  • Humidity Sensing
  • Motion Detection
  • Vibration Fingerprinting


  • 2-way Communicating Tag
  • Real Time Alerts & Reminders
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Supports all Dispensers
  • Detect “Drive By” Sanitization
  • Protocol Agnostic


  • 2-way Communicating Tag
  • Custom Response protocols
  • Zone Management
  • Integrate with Building System

Redesigned With The Enterprise In Mind

Make better technology investment decisions.

Gartner predicts by 2025, 40% of new Internet of Things “things” will know their location (up from 10% in 2021). To be ready with support for these new “things”, companies should invest in platform solutions that centralize location insights from across the enterprise. 

AiRISTA's UVS RTLS Software Deployment Models

Flexible Deployment Models

Cloud / Prem / Mixed,
Wi-Fi / BLE / Both
Trilateration / Proximity / Both
APs / Gateways / Beacons

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Extensible for an IoT World

REST / Web / Streaming APIs
Broker based Streaming Architecture
Microservices deployed on Edge Devices

AiRISTA Flow Studio Low-code Integration Env

No-code Customization

Drag & drop design studio for custom code elements. The no-code concept is a powerful alternative for nonprogrammers to the pulldown menu for workflow creation.
Connect to Streams / Subscribe to Topics / Generate Alerts

Create libraries of custom services. Participate in an ecosystem of modules to extend the platform value.

AiRISTA UVS Over the Air Control of Tags

Over the Air Control of Tags

Adjust Configuration Setting on the Fly
Change Tag Personality For New Use Cases
Flash Firmware Images Remotely
Manage Individual or Groups of Tags

AiRISTA Tag Portfolio


Multi-radio & Multi-sensor
Wi-Fi / BLE
Cellular / GPS
Infra Red / Passive RFID
Temperature, Humidity, Motion Sensing
Soft-tag support for 3rd Party Device Embedding

Manage & Troubleshoot In The Moment

Management Tools put greater power directly in your hands.

RTLS deployments combine art and science when considering the unique RF environment of each customer environment.

Real time debug tools and monitoring are central to your success to deploy a stable solution and quickly adapt when conditions change.

Capture Live Debug Streams

Live capture & recording of tag communication for live troubleshooting and remote debug

  • Real time troubleshooting
  • Quickly isolate problems and root cause
  • Provides customer support logs for detailed analysis
Debug with live inspection of transmissions

Remote Location Verification

  • Remote verification of a tag’s location with a click of the button
  • Validate the integrity of infrastructure components
  • Quickly resolve inconsistencies and missing infrastructure components
Verify the location of infrastructure remotely

Point & Click Assignment of tags and Infrastructure

  • Associating tags with “things” is as simple as a click on your cell phone screen
  • Imagine assigning 1,000s of tags in real time as cruise ship passengers embark
  • Once scanned, infrastructure can be dropped on a map
  • Imagine deploying beacons in a 500 room hotel in a day
Point & Click Assignment of Tags

Validate Workflow Rules

  • Check the validity of workflow rules
  • Catch errors before pushing rules live
  • Query return values
  • Test proper function of events and alerts
Debug and validate workflow rules

Map Management and Zone Creation

  • Upload & maintain your own maps via upload button
  • Simple drawing tools creates zones
  • Create zone hierarchies to group rooms into units into floors, etc.
Map management & zone creation


UVS fosters a dynamic ecosystem with open, documented interfaces (Web, REST and streaming), a “no code” integration studio, and control of the elements down to the tag’s firmware.

Check out examples of the creative solutions from our RTLS ecosystem.

  • Voice commands through your phone deliver answers back to your phone
  • Computer vision AI detection of QA defects tied to location helps ensure quality, safety and security
  • Building system integration to automate door locks, lights, speakers, sirens, etc.
  • Aggregate data from 3rd party sensors like GPS, UWB, LoRa, satellite, passive RFID, and more when assets travel distances
  • Soft-tag licensing embeds tag functionality in 3rd party devices
  • We work closely with the major wireless infrastructure vendors to leverage your existing investments

Ecosystems are at the heart of the explosive growth projected for RTLS solutions. The growth is being driven by new wireless capabilities, integration of sensor types, and a flood of smart devices.

What Customers Are Saying

David TostenrudeDirector of National Wheelchair Games, Veterans Administration
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We were pressed for time with our first event, so AiRISTA team jumped on a call with only 10 minutes notice. Our executive team was in the room and were pleased with the response. We were also able to access knowledgeable staff after hours. Their support exceeded our expectations.
Marlene Brown, Ferring Research Institute, Inc.Analyst, Environment, Health & Safety Human Resources & Administration
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The AiRISTA solution has the widest breath of functionality we found, and is also easy to use. The San Diego location acts as a testbed for new technologies and everyone raves about our solution – so much so they are expanding to the NJ facility.
Kim Barbaria, National Indemnity Co.Sr. Product Manager
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During the peak of COVID when things were really busy and supplies ran low, we were assigned dedicated support and sales specialists who helped resolve issues which made all the difference.

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